Sinat Hinam

The Women’s March saved us from the Trumpocalypse. Just a few days after the inauguration they came out by the millions to protest. Trump saw them and realized his despotic and autocratic dreams would not be realized. The marchers were an amalgam of many social and ethnic groups – blacks, gays, women, Jews, Muslims and immigrants. Yet now even as Trump shuts down the government to extort the country to accede to his abominable border wall, the Jews have embarked on a crusade against ‘antisemitism’ among the March leaders. The end result could be that democrats are weakened and give in, and after the construction is started on the wall, and immigrants are rounded up, Trump will then round up the Jews to send us back to ‘your country‘. Or even worse, he will detain us indefinitely: “We can’t send them back to Israel – the wall isn’t built yet you idiot!”

Pussyhats stave off the Trumpocalypse

We are abandoning our allies right when we need them the most. This is self-destructive behavior and we’ve been doing it for millennia. The end result is our destruction. The rabbis have a term for this dynamic – sinat hinam. It means ‘gratuitous hatred’. The fall of the Second Temple is famously attributed to it. It can also be credited for the crucifixion of Jesus, the sacking of Jerusalem, and all the pogroms that have occurred since, and even the Holocaust. However it’s important to realize that the rabbis were not referring to hatred of the non-Jews, even though that was certainly the cause (and result) of violence against us. They were referring to hatred between Jewish factions: ultra-orthodox, Zionist, socialist, capitalist, diaspora and others. These groups attacked each other over petty squabbles. Or they blocked off each other and self-radicalized in their echo chambers. Either way, this weakened us and prevented us from defending ourselves, especially the most feeble and vulnerable among us. It was also an invitation for antisemites like Farrakhan to pile on with similar rhetoric. How can we condemn him for what we are guilty of ourselves?

In addition to the Women’s March, Jews are at each others’ throats on numerous issues and prominent leaders are directing hateful rhetoric at each other. Here are some examples of the language from Twitter:

  • Saudi-led Qatar boycott:
    • “obsessively crave to be near celebrities… fame seeking, money hungry self promoter… talk about Torah values and ethics yet you violate them all the time. Shame.”
  • Egalitarian prayer at the Kotel:
    • Defenseless little Jewish girls are described as monsters and Nazis
    • “Shouting is violence”
  • Secular education at yeshivas:
    • “You embarrass the Orthodox community. You embarrass all of Rockland.”
    • “Hey nut-job”
    • “relentless, brutal attacks on Orthodox Jews”
    • “unfettered smear campaign”
  • ‘Kosher’ workspaces for religious men:
    • “Women are not contaminants, defilements or impurities. We are people.”
    • “You’re just a rabble rouser.”

Outsiders see the vicious rhetoric and pile on. This causes an escalating cycle of hostilities that can lead to violence and genocide. This is exacerbated by the practice of mesirah – reporting fellow Jews to secular authorities. This weakens our Jewish adversaries temporarily, but ultimately state power will be weaponized against all of us. For example, many BDS supporters are Jewish. So the Zionists may get a temporary win by criminalizing BDS, but in the long run the state powers will be used against them too. (Similarly, top Nazi propagandists were prosecuted under Weimar ‘blasphemy’ laws originally intended to protect the Jews from the ‘blood libel’. They were radicalized while sitting in prison. This is why free speech is so important.) State powers used to force Jewish children to study secular subjects will result in a massacre of the very people we were trying to save. As several sagacious men have admonished: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Condemnation of Louis Farrakhan is completely justified, but remember that he is not just an antisemite, but a wide ranging bigot. He has a long history of rhetoric against gays, white people, and other ethnic and religious groups. Whereas Linda Sarsour, Mark Lamont Hill, Alice Walker, Angela Davis, regardless of their foibles, are good people and respected leaders. Sure you can condemn them for ‘antisemitism’. But the Chief Rabbi of Israel is even more racist than Farrakhan. He recently compared black people to monkeys. Netanyahu’s son Yair recently advocated for the expulsion of all Muslims from Israel. This is far greater racism yet the people bashing the Women’s March are silent. This is hypocrisy. In fact if we held our own leadership accountable, this would go a long way to dampening the antisemitism of others.

Trump now uses the same rhetoric against immigrants that have been used against the Jews: they are criminals, sexual predators, terrorists, infiltrators, poison. He does this to justify the wall. Israel of course uses similar rhetoric to justify its own separation barrier. This was not obvious before, but it is becoming more clear. In fact many Zionists secretly support Trump’s wall because they know that if it fails in the US, then Israel’s wall will become increasingly under scrutiny. The upcoming elections in Israel will shine a spotlight on the issue. Rhetoric like Steven King’s white nationalism is common in Israel and goes completely unchallenged. It is Jewish supremacy, and is of course just as unacceptable.

Despite our many ideological fault lines, when we were attacked by outsiders, the Jews have traditionally closed ranks and protected each other. The result was that people saw Jews as monolithic, and an instigation by one part of the Jewish community against them could result in retaliation against another. For example, the Birmingham Holocaust Foundation protested Angela Davis’ recent award from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Now Davis certainly has some reprehensible views – she is a communist and flacked for the Soviet Union. But she is a beloved leader in the black community, and to condemn her for ‘antisemitism’ is preposterous. The black community was rightfully resentful. This resulted in violent retaliation against conspicuous Jews a week later in Brooklyn. This is of course reprehensible, but nevertheless is an inevitable outcome of censorship. Remember, America was founded on freedom because the founders knew that restrictions led to violence and war.

Thus the organization meant to protect us from a Holocaust actually puts us at risk of one.

Perhaps it is too much to ask of Jews that we be both united and civil with each other. Every Jewish group is pushing for a different government power to restrict our rights. However one group is actually standing against this: US Muslims. Gold Star father Kizr Khan held up the Constitution to remind us why bans based on religion are wrong. Muslim teachers across the south remind us that loyalty oaths to a foreign country (in the form of anti-BDS pledges) are un-American. The recent election of Muslim women to Congress prove that Jews and Muslims can live together in peace, freedom, equality and prosperity. By demanding freedom and equal rights in the US, Muslims will save the Jews from ourselves – and then demand these rights for themselves in Israel/Palestine. If we can unite to block Trump’s wall, then the abominable separation wall in Israel will crumble as well.

The Plot Against America

Donald Trump came to power promising to undermine and even eviscerate our most precious constitutional protections.  This included “opening up our libel laws”, “shutting down parts of the internet”, banning flag burning, monitoring Islamic institutions, opening up mental institutions, taking away due process, using torture, and many other examples.  His campaign was systematic and comprehensive, and yet when he came to power, he was thwarted at every turn.  The people spoke out against him, and our institutions are independent and resilient.  He is no longer a threat to the country, and can be kept in his box.

FOR INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  NOT AN ENDORSEMENT. He is an antisemite, yet he is exercising the country’s free speech muscle.  This more than anything will keep the Jews safe.

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Back to the Garden

And the LORD G_d said, “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever” — so the Lord G_d banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.  So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden Cherubim, and a flaming sword turning every way, to guard the way to the Tree of Life. – Genesis 3:22

Marc Chagall. The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. 1960

G_d promised us that if we followed His word, He would deliver us to the Land of Milk and Honey.  We have upheld our end of the bargain, and so He has fulfilled His covenant, and then some.  Continue reading Back to the Garden

The Myth of Antisemitism

So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek…. And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moses’ hands were heavy…. The Lord will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation. – Exodus 17:10

Antisemitism is an irrational fear and hatred of Jews.  It lies dormant in every population until something comes along and ignites it, at which point it spreads like a wildfire, or a cancer, or a virus.  It quickly infects the entire population, which then turns against the Jews to kill any who cannot escape.  Such an impulse exists only against the Jews and no other ethnic group.  A few ‘rational’ explanations may be offered.  For example, ‘race mania’ and ‘insane jealousy’.  Regardless, the Jews are completely blameless.  Any suggestion to the contrary is actually a sign of antisemitism.

Brigstocke, Thomas; Moses fighting Amalek with His Arms Supported by Aaron and Hur

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The Loophole

The Torah does not prohibit slavery, though it provides many laws regarding the procurement and treatment of slaves, and requires their release every 7 years.  Slavery was of course common in the ancient world, and only in the last few hundred years has it been mostly abolished.  Similarly the Torah contains many laws on crime and justice, such as murder, rape, theft and drunkenness.  However there is one glaring exception about which the Torah is silent: child abuse.  While man may not lie with man as with a woman, there is no similar prohibition when it comes to children.  Whether this is an oversight or loophole, the ultra-orthodox have exploited it to great effect.  Child sex abuse is rampant in these communities.  This is why they love the Torah and cleave to it for dear life.

“Smile you’re going to learn Torah.”

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How to Cause Another Holocaust

The key to instigating a genocide against one group in a society is to stoke resentments in all the other groups so that they are polarized against the target and align with each other to destroy the ’cause of all their troubles’.  This was of course, how the Nazis killed the Jews in the Holocaust.  Beyond that, fomenting division and infighting within the target group weakens it so that it cannot defend itself.  The Jews were significantly divided into many factions, such as Zionists, bolsheviks, haredi, and liberal, and thus were unable to ally to protect themselves.  In fact they despised each other much as they do today.

Jew Hatred 2018

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First They Came for Alex Jones

I was just suspended again (for 3 days) on Facebook, for the third time.  They claim it was a violation of ‘Community Standards’ but they don’t specify the violation.  I recently posted a screenshot of an alleged violation.  You can tell me what you think it is.  Antisemitism?  Homophobia?  Anti-Zionism?  I don’t think it is any of those things, nor have any of them been alleged.  Today’s violation was a 12 minute video I posted a few days ago.  Of course I can’t upload it to youtube lest the same thing happen.  Please download and watch and let me know if you can figure out the problem.  And tell facebook what you think of my suspension.  If this happens again I will be banned permanently.

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Pinkwashing Genocide

This Thursday (Aug 2), thousands of gay Jews and their allies will gather in Jerusalem for the annual Gay Pride parade.  I went last year and it was a exuberant celebration by a flourishing and essential faction of modern Israeli society.  However there were 2 big differences between this and other similar parades.  First of all, the entire route is lined with soldiers toting machine guns to ‘protect’ us not from the Muslims but from the ultra orthodox Jews.  A few years ago a girl was stabbed and killed during the parade.  You can hear the extremists screaming angrily through megaphones in the distance but you cannot see them.  Continue reading Pinkwashing Genocide

The Atheist Delusion

And thou say in thine heart, “My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth.” But thou shalt remember the LORD thy G_d: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth. – Deut 8:17

We have been restored to the Garden of Eden, but this is not enough for the socialist.  He is resentful and bitter for his lot, and looks around and sees the wealth of others and feels entitled to it.  Continue reading The Atheist Delusion

You Got This

Obviously autism is completely fake.  Why am I again the only one to point this out?  Seriously, you can do it.  It’s not that hard.  Just google things like “autism nazi” and “autism causes terrorism” and “autism cuddles guns” and post the links with a little commentary on your blog or facebook page.  Then you can show your grandkids that you were the first one to stand up to the witch hunt.  Here let me get you started:

The Emperor is ‘Quirky’

Also do it now.  Twitter recently started banning accounts for promoting ‘hate speech’ based on ‘serious disease’.


Often people who attend a public event or rally are disruptive and shout out a protest message.  In all cases these people are booed or shouted down and the event resumes peacefully after a few minutes.  There is no need to punish or criminalize such behavior.  In fact it is protected free speech just like the speaker the people came to see.  The people who disrupted Trump’s rallies will be remembered as heroes and the Shakespeare in the Park disrupters only served to vindicate the performance.  Yes they disrupted the event for other listeners, but just boo them or drag them out if necessary.  Arresting or punishing these people will only radicalize them and their followers and create a vicious cycle of disruption and violence leading to witch hunts and wars. Continue reading Counterspell